10 Proven Health Benefits of Cycling for Kids

In an era where technology is dominating almost every aspect of life, the options for kids’ recreation have also been digitized. There’s an increasing trend where kids sit glued to their phones playing games or watching cartoons.

This has led to an added difficulty for parents to bring their children into the “real world”. Covid has also been one of the major reasons for the decline in outdoor activity. However, as the pandemic has receded, it’s the responsibility of parents to ensure that their kids stay active, healthy, happy, and renewed by incorporating outdoor activities into their routines. And what’s better than cycling? The benefits of cycling every day are immense.

What are the benefits of cycling daily?

Let’s discuss 10 Amazing benefits of cycling for kids you need to know in 2023:

1) The best way to be physically active.

The Centre for disease control and prevention makes certain important recommendations for children. As per the recommendations, as per age, children need varied amounts of physical activity. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 need to be active all day long. Ages 6 to 17 must be physically active for at least an hour every day. To meet this requirement, cycling comes in really handy for kids. Cycling benefits for health include keeping the kids physically enthusiastic throughout the day. Tru Bike has several premium kids’ bicycle options to get your kid started on his cycling journey.

  • 2) The best way to enhance the mental health of kids.

One of the crucial benefits of cycling daily is that it helps to strengthen the mental health of kids by benefiting your child’s learning development. Cycling is like a moving meditation for kids. And a premium kids’ bike like the Tru Bike has to offer makes it more enjoyable.

Cycling exercises and other aerobic exercises are related to improving the cognitive functions of a kid like academic performance and attention span. This is one of the promising health benefits of cycling.

3) The best way to help kids contribute to the environment.

One of the noble benefits of cycling is that it’s good for the environment in the long run.  Driving less and switching to active transportation like cycling cuts carbon emissions, eases traffic, and solves parking issues. Our neighborhoods will become greener, healthier, and less stressful places to live if there is less pollution and traffic. In this way, kids learn to contribute to the environment in a positive way.

4) The best way to help kids fight obesity.

Cycling benefits for health include keeping obesity at bay for kids. India has the 2nd highest percentage of obese children in the world, after China, at 14.4 million. The statistics are alarming. Cycling exercises daily helps to raise your kids’ metabolic rate helping them to keep the weight off. Tru Bikes’ ultralight and innovative bikes are the best options for gear cycles and non-gear cycles for your kids aged 4 – 6 years, 6 – 8 years and 7 – 11 years daily cycling needs.

5) The best way to help kids build muscle mass.

Cycling exercises daily helps target the leg muscles of kids. Cycling benefits for health include building and strengthening leg muscles over a period of time. Cycling daily is one of the best exercises for the legs. It firms the thighs and bottom and also aids in toning the tummy muscles of your kids. Tru Bike has the perfect options for gear cycles and non gear bikes for your lil ones.

6) The best way to help kids stay stress-free.

As per the Centre for disease control and Prevention, depression and anxiety have increased over time in kids. If you are still wondering what are the health benefits of cycling every day, then I bet this one’s gonna reassure you. For kids, cycling is a perfect means to lessen stress and enrich their mental health. There are several reasons why biking makes kids happy, but the main one is the intensive physical activity that results in a natural endorphin rush that uplifts mood and lowers stress.

7) The best way to help kids improve their bone strength.

One of the health benefits of cycling daily is that children’s flexibility increases, which is a big health advantage. Cycling is a fantastic way for kids to develop strength and muscle. Since our skeleton does not fully develop until about age 20, research has shown that biking can help your child’s bones grow stronger. Cycling is a great way for kids to build bone density while also developing muscle tone and endurance.

8) The best way to help kids improve their socializing skills.

One of the interesting benefits of cycling daily is that children get an opportunity to interact with one another via cycling, which is a great strategy. In addition to being possible in groups, riding also enables them to socialize with new people.

It’s also a terrific method for parents to exercise while still having quality time with their kids. Riding is therefore a fun opportunity for kids to enhance their social skills and make new friends. Cycling exercises daily is a well-liked pastime among kids of all ages.

9) The best way to help kids boost their confidence.

Certain research states that the root of confidence lies in the environment that your kids have been raised in and in genetics. Even though it may seem like all fun and games, the benefits of cycling for kids include improving their self-esteem and confidence.

By encouraging your child to interact with others while riding, cycling can also aid in the improvement of social skills. Children who ride are more confident and have higher self-esteem. Cycling with your kid can be a fun way to spend time together.

10) The best way to help kids be healthy in their adulthood as well.

As already discussed above, the health benefits of Cycling exercises daily include building up the muscles and joints in the legs, which could prevent accidents as individuals age. Because cycling enhances blood circulation all over the body, it is good for a child’s cardiovascular health. According to research, kids who ride bicycles frequently as they grow up are more likely to stay physically active as adults, which has been linked to a number of health benefits, such as a decreased risk of heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, and diabetes.

How to take advantage of the numerous health benefits of cycling daily?

  • Always keep in mind safety reminders while cycling.
  • A correctly fitting helmet like that of Tru Bike can help your kids be safe in case of accidents. (Tru Bike Helmets are free with bicycle)
  • Ensure that the cycling track your child chooses is child friendly.
  • Involve yourself with your kids while cycling so that they also relish good family time.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun while cycling.

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