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Premium Quality Kids Cycle Online

One of the best bicycles for kids, designed for progress, designed for performance and designed for growth, Tru Bike is the best kids bike. This best bicycle for kids is a you-will-never-forget-about-it riding experience. Our bicycle for kids is designed for 10X more comfort, safety and ease of use. With featherweight alloy, comfortable saddles and an energy-efficient design, our best bicycle for kids is nothing less than your dream kids bicycle. It’s the only two wheels you will ever need in your childhood days.

We are so crushing on these best kids cycle online. Designs that make you look better, feel better, ride safer and ride better!

Age: 4-6 Years, Height: 3’5”– 4’0”, Weight: 8.140 KG
Age: 6-8 Years, Height: 3’9”–4’4”, Weight: 8.960 KG
Age: 6-8 Years, Height: 3’9” – 4’4”, Weight-10.420 KG
Age: 7-11 Years, Height: 4’0”-4’8”, Weight: 12.080 KG

Tru Bikes Kids Cycle Online at the Best Price.

Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul. Make way for the best cycle brand for kids, a dream to behold. Once you live it, there’s no turning back from the Lala land. Indeed, it is the best bicycle for kids.

It’s time to discover the joy of riding with the best bicycle for kids. Learning to ride just got more fun. Engineered with the

  • Durability of aluminum alloy

  • Super light in weight

  • Kid-friendly design

This bicycle for kids girls and bicycle for kids boys is the ultimate kid’s bike for your child to learn to ride safely and easily.

Lock in the comfort with Tru Bikes best bicycle for kids.

  • Easy handling with low entry

  • Very low sitting position

  • A long wheelbase makes it the best bicycle for kids

  • A steering geometry that provides stability and good balance.

Tru bikes have tons of personality. The bicycle for kids is fast and fun, yet lightweight and value for money. Simple and easy to use, it’s an experience your boo will cherish for a lifetime. Time to raise the bar!

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The perfect kids bike online for the perfect YOU

These bicycles for girls and boys “fit as per your child’s needs.” With wide handlebars to align properly with the shoulder width and arm length of the children and an ergonomically designed saddle to fit children’s pelvis, these gear cycles as well as non-gear cycles for kids are curated exclusively for your child. It’s undeniably the best kids bike in India. If you compare it with other kids cycle online prices in India, you will be blown away by the cost-effectiveness as compared to the endowed features.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What age should a child be able to cycle?

The average age for kids to learn to ride a bike is between 3 and 7 years old. Therefore, Tru Bike is the best choice of bicycle for kids. Our range is available from 4 years, small kids cycle to 11 Years old where they can learn the art of cycling and experience adventure. 

Q2. How do I choose a bike for my child?

The first thing to do when buying a best kids cycle online for your child is to know about the available sizes. The choice of  best bicycle for kids is mainly done considering the height and age of the child.

Q3. Which cycle is best for daily use?

Whether you are looking for bicycle for kids girls or bicycle for kids boys, a best kids bike is one that makes pedaling easy and fun is the ideal choice. Tru Bikes kid’s cycle is designed for utmost comfort and safety and can be used for daily use as per the height and age of a child.

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