Slide A person with an I-can-never-live-without-you kind of love for Tru Bikes. They believe in Eat. Sleep. Bike. Repeat. They have urges to ride and feel free. Three cheers to all the cycopaths out there! SHOP TRU 1.6 Gear cycle for 6-8 Years kids Light, Safe, Smooth The wheel of
Gone are the days of bleh rides. Glide like a fantasy with tyres that guarantees less
friction and ssssmmmooth grip. Put on your special shoes and dance on the pedal.
Embark on a buttery smooth ride. It's time to chill!
Light, Safe, Smooth
A bumtastic
We care for your bums. Experience true comfort with our oh-so-holy-moly soft cushions thoughtfully designed for the little rockstars. It goes well with your brightly coloured jerseys too. Gentle on bums, no rashes. SHOP TRU 2.0 Pro
Light, Safe, Smooth
Slide Flutter like a feather Pedal it out in style. The modern biking experience that gives you wings. Lightweight aluminium body with a low height frame for you to get on and get off the easy-peasy way. Get amped and feel the wind in your hair. *You may consider wearing a helmet. SHOP TRU 2.4 Tru Bike Light, Safe, Smooth

India’s Lightest And Safest Stylish Cycle For Kids



Time to feel the adrenaline rush with bikes so light in weight that it gives you wings, literally. Your munchkin deserves the ultimate comfort.



Ride safer. Ride better. Every TruBike ensures a safe riding experience for your lil cupcakes. It's time to ride stress-free.



TruBike ensures no pain and no strain. It cares for you just like your mom does. Roll in style with a ride as smooth as butter.

Kid-Correct Position

Thoughtfully Wow!

Comfort is our focus word for our stylish cycles. We care for your kids’ comfort. Ergonomically designed saddle to fit children’s pelvis creates the optimal riding position allowing for comfortable riding and efficient pedalling. It’s time to embrace comfort with our stylish cycles!

Tru Bike

Kid-Correct Colours

Fashionably Wow!

We ensure your munchkin rides in style. We want your kids to own the road whenever they ride. The flawless finish, vibrant colours and uber-cool design ensure to grab eyeballs wherever your kids go. It’s time to ride it in style with our stylish cycles!

Kid-Correct Safety

Perfectly Wow!

Your kid’s safety is our priority. We believe in providing your lil stars with a safe riding experience with our stylish cycles. Long wheelbase and steering geometry provides stability and good balance, making riding more fun. Say Hello to safe riding!

Kid-Correct Safety
Kid-Correct Weight

Kid-Correct Weight

Skillfully Wow!

Lighter the bikes, more the fun, easier the ride. Light and high-quality aluminium frames, and alloy components make riding effortless. The expertly designed stylish cycle for kids add the thrill factor to your lil champ’s riding experience. Bikes so super light and comfy, that even the devil envies these stylish cycles for kids!

Kid-Correct Efforts

Effortlessly Wow!

We only believe in extra fun. Extra effort while riding? Nah! We ensure that your child doesn’t need to exert extra energy to ride his fav bike. With the german transmission, we reduce the effort that your cutie pie needs to ride a bicycle considerably. It’s time to ride with ease!

Kid-Correct Efforts

Why Us?

Ergonomically adapted, reach adjustable brake levers
Designed for kids pelvis, non-toxic
Self-lubricating cables for reduced friction and smooth operation.
Superlight Low Gravity Frame
High-quality lightweight tyres for low rolling resistance
Anodized aluminium low-effort stand
Shimano Gears equipped

Guaranteed quality

We design all of our bikes in-house and manufacture them with the highest-quality components.



Each model, from toddler to teen, is designed to fit just right.


Made for children

90% of the components have been specifically developed for children.



Each bike is as light as can be for easy riding and maneuvering. Say goodbye to heavy bikes.


Super Safe

Praised by industry insiders, media, pro riders, parents, and children.



Exchange your pre-loved TRU bike and receive a 40% discount when buying the next size up.


Culture on Two Wheels

Tru Comfort

Tru Comfort

Enter into the world of Tru Comfort

Comfort is our focus word. We care for your kids’ comfort. Ergonomically designed saddle to fit children’s pelvis creates the optimal riding position allowing for comfortable riding and efficient pedaling. It’s time to embrace comfort with our stylish gear cycle for kids!

Tru Technology

Tru Technology

A sure shot winning formula
From a seat as soft as a panda’s bottom to pedals that give you legs of steel, we have thought of everything. We offer you a promising riding experience with our stylish gear cycle for kids. Mediocrity is not our style. Sorry, not sorry!

Tru Safety

The safer, the better, the truer
Accident happens. Everywhere. But no fuss. We have got your backs. No more slips and bruises with our stylish gear cycle for kids. Ergonomic, lightweight and safe, these bikes keep you tucked in with safety. Get ready to be invincible!

Tru Design

Pivot from the drab to fab riding experience
Riding on the oh-so-average-looking bikes is so ol’ school. It’s time for you to catch up with the latest design trends. We design stylish cycle for kids that are sure to make the paparazzi at Met Gala go gaga over them.

Tru Adventure

That’s how we roll
From wobbly starts to the rush of wind in your face as you take off for the first time, our dang perfect bikes and stylish cycle for kids make your riding lessons more fun and adventurous. Ready for Baby’s Day Out?

Tru Bike 360o

Don't worry

Bike Happy!

Ride it Right!

Cool with a comfortable design, our helmets are equipped with adjustable chin straps and spin dials. With multiple vents and breathable foams, we ensure that your kid rides it the right way!

CE Certified!

Your kids’ safety is our responsibility. Mommy approved and CE certified, our kid’s helmet is safe and sturdy. Its impact resistance reduces your child’s risk of injury when biking. Wear helmets, go conquer the world!


Wearing a helmet shouldn’t feel like a burden. Made from a lightweight material, the inner pad uses breathable material for ultimate comfort. Ultralight and fashionable, these helmets ensure that your kid rides safely and looks super awesome!

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