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Buy Tru 2.0 Pro Gear Cycle for Kids 6 to 8-year-Old


For those who want more than stars.

Chase the stars and beyond with TRU 2.0 Pro gear cycles – our ultralight and innovative bikes for all round use by children aged between 6-8 years.

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Gear kids bike that boosts overall wellness for 6-8 years, boys and girls

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike. Fierce and impressively classy, TRU 2.0 Pro gear cycles make your kids feel loved like a star. Who said stars are beyond your reach?

Oozing features and durability like never before, this bike will never let them down. It promises your lil stars hours of pedalling fun, great value and reliability.

Sun, wind or rain, it’s curated to perform. Performance-proven features ensure that your kids relish the true joy of riding. Lightweight yet strong, this gear cycle for 6-8 years old boys and girls gets things done.

Tru bikes offer you the best gear cycles for 6 – 8-year-old kids in India. Engineered for safety, fun and growth, this bike is a real deal. Real tough gear bikes, for real tough stars. It’s time to bling!

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TRU 2.0 Pro (6 – 8 Years) with gears
TRU 2.0 Pro (6 – 8 Years) with gears

The best gear bike experience for 6-8 years kids at your service.

Whether you are looking for a gear cycle for a 6 year kid, a gear cycle for 7 years old kids, or a bicycle for age between 6 to 8 years, Tru 2.0 Pro “fits as per the child’s needs.”

  • Wide, ergonomically adapted brake lever
  • Lightweight aluminum bars for more control
  • Reach adjustability suitable to fit very small hands
  • V-brakes with braking power adapted for 6-8-year-old children

This gear cycle is curated exclusively for your child aged 6 years, 7 years, and 8 years. Tru 2.0 Pro is undeniably the best gear cycle online in India for 6-8 year old kids.

Tru 2.0 Pro, The value for money gear bicycles, just for your Kids.

Value for money gear cycle price in India, Tru bikes come with sophisticated graphics and a head-turning colour palette. This urban terrain gear cycle for kids aged between 6-8 years has an attitude one can’t ignore. The utmost comfort and safety with the power of gears make Tru 2.0 the best option for gear bicycles in India. Your search for children’s gear cycles in India ends with Tru bikes.
TRU 2.0 Pro (6 – 8 Years) with gears
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TRU 2.0 Pro (6 – 8 Years) with gears

How to choose a gear cycle for your 6 year old kids to 8 -year-old kids.

Expectations fulfilled. Whatever you expect from your children’s gear bike, Tru 2.0 Pro gear bike has all the perfect answers.

The right size for their height adds to the better riding experience. Additional gears add energy and fun for your budding cyclist.

TRU 2.0 Pro (With Gears): Age: 6-8 Years, Height: 3’9” – 4’4”, Weight-11.4 KG

These children gear cycles are the best gear cycles available in India at a value-for-money price. Whether you are looking for a geared bicycle for your 6-8 year old boy or girl, Tru 2.0 Pro is the best option.

Also, if you are looking for a non-gear cycle for 6 – 8 years old kids, then Tru 1.6 is the best option.

Tru 2.0 Pro- The best gear bicycle for your kids aged between 6-8 years.

Adjustable at its best

As your little ones grow into brilliant and seasoned teens, this racing gear children’s bike is bound to be their confidant. That’s because this gear bike thrives with them.

Unapologetically distinct

Its multiple ranges of gears and powerful brakes motivate your kids to make impromptu plans and pedal into the unknown.

 Tests appetite for fun

These children’s gear bikes for 6 – 8 years old dash through empty streets and jams with city avenues. It nurtures your kid’s hunger for more adventures day in and day out.

Never gets exhausted

Built like a rock for long hours of pedaling fun with suspension so smooth that your cuties will ride through hell bumps and never know.

Time to shop cycle for kids online at a value-for-money price.

TRU 2.0 Pro (6 – 8 Years) with gears

Buy Tru 2.0 Pro- The perfect Children Gear Bicycles for your growing 6-8 years old kids.

Tru Bikes prepares your kids for the bikers that they’ll be tomorrow. It nurtures their skill and imbibes confidence in them with its high-quality, safe and tastefully designed bike cycles for kids. A good life is all about good food, cycling and being awesome. Embrace awesomeness and pedal your heart out with the top bike brand in India, Tru Bikes 2.0 pro gear cycles. Keep on rolling, keep on riding! Buy children bikes online with Tru Bike.

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10.420 KG


Blue, Red


6-8 Years


3’9” – 4’4”


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Q1. Can a 6-year-old ride a bike with gears?

By the time kids are ready for a 20-inch bike (around 6 years old), they have a heightened sense of interest and ability when it comes to cycling. Hence, a 6-year-old can comfortably ride a geared bicycle.

Q2. Is the gear cycle faster than normal?

Yes. Geared cycles help you change the gears as per different terrains, making all your rides more comfortable. This helps you accelerate faster as compared to non-geared ones.

Q3. How much does a gear cycle cost in India?

It depends on the brands and the product quality. The price of Gear Bicycle products can start from ₹13,000 and onwards. If you are looking for comfort as well as style, the Tru bikes are best for you.

Q4. What age do kids need gear?

Once your child tackles hillier terrain, gears bicycles are the best option. By the time kids are ready for a 20-inch bike (around 6 years old), they have a heightened sense of interest and ability and can comfortably ride a geared bicycle. Therefore, Tru bikes offer both gear bicycles for 6 – 8 years kids as well as without gear cycle for kids 6 – 8 years. Super comfortable and stylish kids bikes.