EXPERIENCE THE TRU Thrill with Tru Bike: E-Cycle Manufacturer in India

We help your business and brand by designing, manufacturing, branding and customizing your bicycle products and mobility solutions.

Manufacturers of Electric vehicles: E-bikes, E-cycles & E-bicycles in India.

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As the best cycle manufacturing company in India, Tru Bikes has been designing, sourcing, assembling and distributing top-notch custom-built electric bikes, electric scooters, and premium kids bicycles across the globe.

We are the best cycle manufacturer in India. As a cycle manufacturing company in India, We’re innovating the path to a new manufacturing age. With technology and experience at the center of our efforts, we facilitate access to high-quality E-Bikes, E-Mobility vehicles and Premium Alloy Kids Bikes to customers across the world.

Tru E-Bikes Manufacturing was set up in 2020, with the goal to provide a reliable and predictable supply of high-quality manufactured Kids Bicycles and E-Mobility products to our customers across the world. Tru E-Bikes is your preferred electric cycle manufacturing and sourcing partner in India.

In our capacity as an E-bike manufacturer in India, we function with a global supplier network, with special expertise in India, Europe, Taiwan and South-East Asia and have the capability to handle a wide variety of manufacturing processes, starting from prototyping all the way into production.

We are the best E-cycle manufacturer in India that customizes E- scooters, E-bikes, E-cycles, and E-bicycles as per the client’s needs. Whatever the branding requirements of the retailers, Tru Bikes fulfills them to the best of its capabilities.

Tru E-Bikes works with 10+ customers today across Europe and North America. Customers prefer Tru E-Bikes for three key reasons:


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Tru Bikes' high-quality Products: E- scooters, E-bikes, E-cycles

Designed for progress, designed for performance, and designed for growth, Tru Bike – cycle manufacturing company in India is your one-stop solution for all your E-scooters, E-bikes and E-cycles needs. It’s a you-will-never-forget-about-it riding and manufacturing experience. Our bikes are designed for 10X more comfort, safety and ease of use. With featherweight alloy, comfortable saddles and an energy-efficient design, this is nothing less than your dream bike. It’s the only two wheels you will ever need in your childhood days.

We are so crushing on these. Designs that make you look better, feel better, and ride safer & better!

Tru Bike: E-BIKES Manufacturers in India.

Experience the newest technology in E-bikes. We are the only E-bikes manufacturers in India who promised speed and comfort together. With comfortable geometry, a sleek, stylish design, and our exclusive technology, you’ll get an extra jolt of power that’ll make riding a super fun experience.

Tru Bike: E- SCOOTERS manufacturers in India.

We make the top performance E-scooters in India. We offer premium quality, completely customizable electric scooters, sold directly from our warehouse with no middleman price hikes. As E-scooter manufacturers in India, we devoted ourselves to achieving the perfect geometry for comfort and performance.

Tru Bike: Premium kids bike manufacturers in India.

Tru Bike are the best cycle manufacturing company in India offering a diverse set of premium kids bikes for varied needs. We manufacture and design the bike with tons of cool features that can be customized as per the retailer’s need.
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